Media Quick Fix

Downloading videos from the net and watching them on small computer screens is a pain. The R 2 2 Media Player Media Player gives you the convenience of downloading content in any of the available formats to it and playing back on your LCD/Plasma big screen TV. Its high-speed Wi-Fi compatibility transfers the files in a jiffy plus the accompanying programmable touch screen remote compliments the device perfect-o. More on the remote after the jump.

The touch screen universal remote adapts to the pros and the novice with easy coz it’s customizable. Color coded choices are available for each of the family members so that they can set their button preferences and save them. Like dad maybe tech savvy and want to control all his media devices via this remote, so he can save his setting under the Blue Color code. Mom may want to use the remote only for her TV channels and the Media Player, so her settings can be saved under Pink Code.

In all it’s a spunky setting to be net-addicted and TV addicted!

Designer: Gordon Yeh & Jason Su for Iota Creations



R 2 2 Media Player With Touchscreen Remote by Gordon Yeh for Iota Creations