VEARK’s Sleek Chef’s Knife is Reminiscent of Tool-design

Ask any chef worth their salt what their most precious tool is and the answer is invariably the knife. The knife is such an important and personal tool for a chef that most professional chefs carry their knives around with them as one of the most essential tools of their trade.

VEARK’s CK01 gives the knife blade the reverence it deserves. Literally designed to be a tool-of-trade, the knife’s design embodies aspects of tool-design, with a unibody construction, and a handle that feels firm and comfortable like the grip of a spanner. Each blade is drop-forged, giving the handle its unique, wonderful, grippy texture, and is then manually hand-finished to produce a blade that’s remarkably pure, sharp, and long-lasting.

The CK01 blades are all manufactured in Solingen, Germany, the holy grail of knife-manufacturing and bladesmithing in all of Europe. The drop-forging technique results in each knife handle having its own individual texture, each one unique like a fingerprint. After some high precision machining, experienced craftsmen then take the drop-forged piece of metal and grind and sharpen it by hand to bring out the blade’s smoothness and phenomenal sharpness. The finished stainless steel knife measures a stunning 58 on the Rockwell hardness scale, which means the knives are much more resistant than most stainless steel knives, and will hold their sharpness significantly longer than even high quality stainless steel kitchen knives that usually measure up to 55 on the Rockwell scale.

And the unibody design has more to offer then just great looks: The open handle design invites your thumb to rest on the blade and pinch grip the knife like a pro. The metal blade also provides a counterbalance that allows you to maneuver the knife with ease. A singular body also means the knife is easier to maintain, with no place for food, dirt, and dust to get wedged into. A simple rinse makes the CK01 as good as new!

The VEARK CK01 is perfect for using anywhere in the kitchen. Designed to be the one blade you gravitate towards for any cutting needs, the CK01 comfortably slices through fruits and vegetables, scores and carves meats, and even opens boxes, cartons, and plastic packaging. Made with a design-conscious approach, the CK01 is a rare knife that your eyes will fall in love with first, immediately followed by your hands. Preparing a meal to absolute perfection with this sharp blade, and hand-loving sleek design will be an utmost enjoyable experience to anyone from the cooking enthusiast to the seasoned chef!

Designer: Daniel Ronge

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The VEARK CK01 is a single piece 20cm stainless steel chef knife made in Solingen, Germany.


“Our aim was to create a piece that will generate its beauty and character from its raw appearance rather than by adding features like wood and rivets – less is more,” designer Daniel Ronge told Yanko Design.



Looking at how professional chefs hold their knives they developed the open handle design: it invites you to slide your thumb onto the blade and grab the knife right at the balance point – making it a pleasure to work with.


The manufacturing is done in a classic drop forging process which takes place in the traditional knife forging town of Solingen, Germany.


The drop forging process leaves each knife with its individual pattern on the handle, just like a fingerprint. So each knife is a unique piece – no two are alike. A beautiful detail that gives each knife its own character.


The CK01 features a 20cm (7,9″) blade while the overall length is 32cm (12,6″). It is drop forged from stainless steel (X50CRMoV15) and weighs 200g (7oz.).

The typical Solingen knife has a hardness of 55-56 Rockwell, they even exceed that at 58 Rockwell. What that basically means is: a harder knife can get sharper and remain a sharp edge for longer.


Click here to Buy Now: $102 $115 (10% off)