Bumping Action Deleted

My memory for movies is trash but I’m sure there must have been many which featured a scene where the hero and heroine accidentally bump into each other, around a corner…papers fly outta their hand, they look into each other’s eyes and fall hopelessly in love. Revise this scene with the Corner’s Communication Warning Sign and it’s ought to be a killjoy. But for practical purposes, down long office corridors, restaurants and hospitals, this corner sign could save a lot of spills. The tweeky thang emits a little sound and lights up when it senses someone approaching round the bend.

Designer: Sanghoon Lee

Corner’s Communication Warning Sign by Sanghoon Lee



  • interesting idea would have been better

  • interesting idea would have been better

  • nidhi says:

    what if they both turn in same direction after seeing the indication….and there you go….. bump!!!!

  • trybudi says:

    haha i guess no more spying man on the corner of the street. design for security haha

  • Confucius says:

    Is this is all it takes to get a red dot award these days?…

    • John q says:

      agreed. at the least have some diagrams from one of the walkers’ point of view….

  • Robert says:

    i thought thats what the curved mirrors were supposed to do when your in the hospital….

  • dlf says:

    thats like a second semester project! Seems to be a draft. How much does it cost? How can you fix it at the wall – do you have to knock a hole in the wall? and is it allowed everywhere? How can it be secured for robbery? Does it work with batteries – and who gonna change’em? What about the light – LED, Halogen..?

    I dont know, i like this idea, but like i said its toooo much a concept and i am missing more (intelligent) details.

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