Do You Have The Right Sexy Tools?

I didn’t know tools had to be so sexy (think Mike Delfino), ah naughty minds! I’m talking about this REPÄIRE TOOLSET; handy dandy and smart! All the necessary tools to help you become the puurrfect handyman, so much so that you can actually show this set off! It gets integrated into the bookshelf and within arm’s reach. What I really dig is the color combos and the way a central blue (or red) ring is the hub of all equipments.

Designer: designaffairs STUDIO




  • D says:

    Cool sexy tools 😀 and nice presentation ! Is Ikea going to produce them ?

  • Eradm says:

    ‘Dont’ know why but it reminds me of Ikea something…

  • bakkman says:

    Nice present for an independent lady-friend. No man will ever use this.

  • Todd says:

    A sexy tool is a well-balanced, usually forged, durable item made from metal and/or wood that are a pleasure to use from places like Snap On and Garrett Wade. Buy once and use forever as many good tool manufacturers have a lifetime guarantee.

    These don’t look to have any of those qualities.

  • S says:

    From a woman’s point of view, i would never buy/use these tools. For the same reasons a male wouldn’t use this tool set.

  • AK says:

    I don’t feel that this would sell very well…

    I immediately thought of the Wii when I saw this. I suppose that if some idiot ever decided to make a Wii Construction game, then I suppose they know who to go for the controller designs..

  • Dood says:

    The trigger on the drill… it’d be impossible to get a good grip on without making it spin at full speed.

  • Tony Quant says:

    I find them absolutely beautiful…but yeah the drill does leave me wondering, it looks dangerous. But in my opinion this could be a beautiful set for minor works…i already have one for heavy duty, i would buy this for smaller, neater, cuter jobs. Yes i’m a consumerist. Product design is unfortunately based on our lust for things.

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