What is that, a Curling Iron?

Nay! It’s a battery charger. More importantly its a jump rope. Just fill the handles up with some rechargeable batteries, close the caps, click the button to show what you want it to show on the screen, and get to jumpin! The batteries are in the handles for two reasons: to power the screen that shows how long you’ve been jumping, and to get all pumped up! Jump and pump, pump and jump.

The interface screen can show the amount of complete rotations, the potential amount of calories you’ve burned (this is basically an educated guess, obviously,) the amount of charge the batteries are at, and for good measure: a stop watch. Then jam those batteries in your other power-sucking devices!

Designer: Jooyong Kim and Sungkyung Kim

3C Rope Skipping by Jooyong Kim and Sungkyung Kim