Beach Bum, You Need To Use This

We know the drill about keeping our beaches clean, but most often the problem is that we have these stationary bins placed few and far between. And people being people, may suddenly decide to populate a secluded section of the beach, where no bins are handy. Solution: Dustbin 4 Beach. It’s this streamlined bin that can be pitched into the sand and is portable. The tapered base digs deep into the sand for stability. Line them with disposable bags and place them where the public is today!

Designers: Ji-in Byun, Cho Jung Seok & Oh Seul Ki

Dustbin 4 Beach Ji-in Byun, Cho Jung Seok & Oh Seul Ki




  • vatsal says:

    nice design
    but narrow bottom ll create another issue of cleaning

    just thinking on same lines why not add 4 teeth to the regular dustbins that ll probably solve the problem ..

  • Lamah says:

    Those bins are in permanent positions for a reason – it stops people from stealing them. I doubt these bins would last even a week.

    • reality says:

      defo, and with lids. keeps seaguls and rain out. most are situated off the beach. if one if these wen tover all the waste is on the beach. this idea makes people lazier than they are. what about taking your trash home with you?

  • GI says:

    It took me a minute, but I love your form, it’s beautiful, and of course I can see the inspiration/connection to surfboards, this being a beach product. I do agree with Vatsai that 3-4 legs or “teeth” will make it way more stable.

  • Matze says:

    no lid:
    1. terrible smell
    2. wind=waste will fly away

  • Jake says:

    I think this design would be a lot more useful as a place to store towels or clean clothes. I agree with the above comments that these would be stolen very quickly if they were not chained down. The styling also lends itself more to everyday consumers and not as much to an institution (or whomever takes care of the beach).

  • Nick says:

    what’s the deal with the silver hooks inside?

  • Canterburry says:

    This will be kicked over by kids so fast, you won’t even see ’em coming.

  • mondrian123 says:

    It seems to me that this is a personal bin not to be left on the beach but to be taken down to where you are sitting and emptied at a public bin at a later stage. Nick, I assume the silver hooks are for a bag. Living near some of the best beaches in the world( Perth Western Australia) rubbish however little stands out on a clean beach.I get frustrated that people are to lazy to hold onto their rubbish until they pass a bin. good idea! I’d use one maybe two, one for rubbish and one for personal items as Jake commented

    • kemilol says:

      Would you really take a bin to the beach though? I can’t really see it being on my priority list of things to pack.

      The people that take care to clean their rubbish (which is the people that would use this bin) put their rubbish in a bag until they pass a bin, people that are too lazy to do this are certainly going to be too lazy to bring their own bin.

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