Decision Before Opening

Let me let you in on a little quote from a comedian I know: “OK you stand here. I’ll get the camera, and I’ll take a picture of the inside of the fridge and get it developed. When I come back, I’ll tape it to the frige on the outside so you’ll know what’s in there, and then you can know what you want before you get in. How’s that.” – Bill Cosby (1982.) Little did Cosby know that only about 30 years later there’d be a real solution to this problem.

And here it is!

Using a system that employes clear glass, opaque glass, and a rotating container system inside, you’ll never have to sit with the fridge open for hours again. You can KNOW what is in there!

How, though, is that possible? Take a peek at the illustration in the first picture below. Molecules in polymer acted upon by electricity. See through! See? And not only that, the fridge is one long tube for easy turning on the inside. Just like your lunch when you worked on the docks. Then when you want what you see, you just open that particular level, allowing only the smallest amount of energy spent on cooling to be wasted in the process.

Designer: Yoon jung Kim and Jong rok Lee

Window Refrigerator by Yoon jung Kim and Jong rok Lee