Anti-bacterial silicone case for the iPhone keeps your phone and hands protected from germs

Relying on a process known as photocatalysis, the Titan iPhone case can neutralize viruses and germs just by being exposed to indoor and outdoor lighting. Meanwhile, its grippy silicone design makes it better to hold, prevents slipping, and can even absorb minor impact, preventing damage to your phone.

While people like to believe the pandemic is over, here’s news that you’ve conveniently forgotten. Viruses still exist! Microorganisms are still all over the place – sure they’re not pandemic-worthy, but they’re still germs that can get in your body and compromise your immunity… and they’re more likely to be on your smartphone – yes, the smartphone that you touch 50 times a day and place right against the side of your face. Designed to help neutralize microorganisms that may get onto your smartphone case and then effectively on your person, the Titan is a new type of protective case that works on both a physical as well as a microbiological level.

Designers: Danny Lacy , Flavia Sertori, Matheus Paschoalino & André Verdant

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Sure, like any cover case, it protects your phone from accidental drops and bumps, but it also goes above and beyond. Armed with a special photocatalytic nanoparticle layer, the phone’s surface reacts to sunlight and indoor or outdoor lighting, generating highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (·OH) that mineralize when it is exposed to any light with a wavelength of 360–400 nm. In short, it degrades absorbed organic compounds, microorganisms, and viruses, while creating an additional layer of protection.

Given that most people end up putting a protective case on their phone, Titan offers a level of protection that reflects a sensitivity to a mindset that’s developed over the last two years. Your phone is dirtier (on a microscopic level) than a toilet, and it isn’t something that most tech companies have seemed to address. Sure, we’ve seen our share of UV phone sanitizers in the past two years, but what Titan offers is so much more elegant. Just snap the case on and the smart case with its integrated silicone photocatalytic technology pretty much cleans itself of microscopic germs on its surface … or at least the phone’s sides and rear.

The advanced silicone construction is grippy and shock-absorbing, which means it’s less likely to slip out of your hands, and even if it does, it cushions any impact, preventing damage to your device. Moreover, the silicone has an ability to mineralize organic compounds, ensuring that any food/coffee spills on the case doesn’t end up staining the surface. In fact, the case was even submerged in coffee for 12 hours as a part of a lab trial, and once it was exposed to UV-A light, the brown stain faded away. Tests performed in Texas in an approved microbiological lab with a live virus Strain 229E, ATCC VR-740 also showed an 11x reduction in viral load after just being kept in in UV-A light ( same wavelength as the sun ) for 30 minutes.

The Titan Case is designed to be compatible with the iPhone 13/13 Pro Max series all the way down to the iPhone X from 2017… although iPhone 14 options variant is are are in the works too. The case comes in white, navy blue, gray, and pink, and even allows you to wirelessly charge your phone. Titan has 2mm thickness , which should make it compatible with MagSafe accessories, since MagSafe has a 2mm thickness requirement for it to work.

Click Here to Buy Now: $44 $80 (45% off for YD readers).