Pratt Takes a Seat at IMM Cologne

Tips of the hat to Pratt! Getting a bunch of chairs into this renowned design fair is a big deal! Pratt is partnering with Folkwang Academy to exhibit chair designs at imm cologne! Cologne Germany will be glad to host this exhibition entitled “Take A Seat,” to take place January 19-24 2010. Here we’ve got a lovely preview of the pieces! Check em all out, then inspect them at the fair! See you in Germany!

Designer: Pratt Industrial Design Students


Michael Chuapoco, SRR Lounge Chair The energy of balance and movement tied with rest and support. Sitting, reclining, rocking, and balancing.


Binh Dang, Folding Chair Hospitality inside the context of a compact urban living space. Made of red oak and brass hardware.


Evan Dewhirst, The Buoy Chair Green manufacturing and an iconic form. A buoy! Made of a turned cork seat, a spun aluminum collar, and an inflatable buoy.


Sara Ebert, Salvation Stool This lovely thang uses discarded and unwanted wool sweaters as upholstery covers. Felting used to cut material without the yarn unraveling. Core made of plywood and urethane foam.


Ingrid Fetell, Amino Kid’s Chair Inspired by the movements of fanciful little kiddies! “Joyfully, experimentally, and freely.” Based on the tensile balance of highly elastic materials and inelastic ones (bungee cords and nylon panels.)


Christina Fesmire, Fugle Swing Made of renewed maple veneer. Asks the question “is adulthood joyful?” Seat made after weeks of anatomical study of the human tailbone. Walnut inlay, hemp rope suspensions.


Tawny Hixson, Ari Chair Fabricated from steel and raw cowhide. Designed as part of Pratt’s Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen.


Michael Roopenian, Corner Chair Made of laminated poplar. Takes advantage of structural properties of the corner. Physics, man, physics.

Pratt Industrial Design Students Exhibit Chairs at IMM Cologne

Thomas Stern, Line A subtle re-interpreitation of the structural language of chairs. Designed as part of Pratt’s Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen.