Furniture Made to Grow

Inspired in part by the classic game “Jenga,” this furniture bit is made to be a seat for a toddler, a bigger chair for a kid growing up, and a multitude of helpful bits for life! Working with both simple birch plywood pieces and a large stainless steel structure for strength and growth. Is it a seat, or is it a bunch o’ shelves? It’s both!

Your piece of “Zen,” as this amalgamation is called, grows with you. As you get a larger place to live, need larger items in your home, so too do you get a larger Zen.

You know who I bet would love this? Teachers.

Size: 540 x 640 x 1620(h)
Materials: Birch plywood, stainless steel

Designer: Jung Jae Yup

Zen by Jung Jae Yup





  • it’s so funny design.

  • reality says:

    inspired by…! IP thief!

  • dy3 says:

    I know this game in picture, so I understand the structure & concept. But I’m hard to imagine how to use in real life. Are they just kind of box which can be assembled strongly? Box can be chair or shelf or…etc. Or are there special way to use them? No offence. But I really wonder about it

    • JBantha says:

      I’m wonder about the same thing… at first galnce i thougth that you could use them as cabinets, but then I remember “Jenga”, so, everytime i open a cab… should i be worried for it to fall down uppon me?

  • waot says:

    wow, good for house move!

  • themark says:

    How are they held together? Gravity?

  • Polican says:

    So let me get this strait; It can be used as a chair for a toddler, and a unstable chest of drawers with no sides. “Zen” cannot be used for a toddler seat, rather a single piece can be used. What do you put in the drawers; a single flat object? Nothing round can be stored because it will roll out.

  • Nice design!!

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