Win A Finnish Design Combo – Magisso Cake Server & Magisso Stainless Steel Kitchen Cloth Holder

Urban Butik, the folks who bring us some classy Finnish design products are here on YD to give you a chance to win a sleek Magisso Cake Server and a Magisso Stainless Steel Kitchen Cloth Holder. To win this fantabulous combo set, simply tell us about 2 occasions when you would cut a cake, besides a Birthday and Wedding Anniversary, and 1 reason why using a dishcloth beats a sponge.


  • Contest open to US and Canada residents ONLY
  • Contest Closes 13th December 11:59 PM PST.

Here’s more info on what you can win:

The Magisso Cake Server:


[youtube: 468 344] [youtube: 468 344]

Sporting a very unique shape, the Magisso Cake Server is quite the tool for cutting and serving cake. It is made from a single piece of high quality mirrored Stainless Steel, which is cut and bent to give it this distinctive design. It’s been designed by Maria Kivijärvi, a young Art & Design student from Finland.


This is how it works:


By pressing down on the cake with the cake server, you can cut though the cake and make a perfect piece. By lightly squeezing the handle, you can then lift the piece of cake, and release it on the plate.

The Magisso Stainless Steel Kitchen Cloth Holder:


[youtube: 468 344]

The function of the Magisso stainless steel kitchen cloth holder is to keep your dishcloth stored nicely inside your sink. (Not hanging on the faucet and not bunched up next to the sink – now here’s an idea!). It sports a very clean design and uses a patented double magnet system that keeps it in place. This elegant and functional piece is designed by Miika Mansikkamaa, a talented young inventor, designer and entrepreneur.

This is how it works:


The part that resides inside your kitchen cabinet attaches itself to your sink with a strong strip of adhesive, so that it won’t fall. The kitchen cloth holder will “find” the opposite magnet and attach itself to your sink. Magisso is quick and easy to install and will not scratch the sink surface.

Why The Magisso Range?

The Magisso range of products is new to North America and it embodies the Scandinavian mentality of product design; namely simplicity, quality, style & innovation. This is design for generations.
The lineup is brought by Urban Butik, the North American distributor for Magisso. In case you don’t win this; you can go to their web site and find a retailer near you or buy it directly online from their online store.

  • Magisso cake server $59.95US $69.95CAD
  • Magisso kitchen cloth holder $49.95US $59.95CAD


  • Bora says:

    1. The reason why I use dishcloth is ” to save my energy”.
    Because when I clean dishcloth with water, it’s faster and easier than clean Sponge. Compare with sponge, I use less energy when I clean dishcloth.

    2. Occasions: A. Dessert time B. Celebration

  • range says:

    Graduation party: I’d cut a cake there.
    Engagement party: Lots of cakes to cut.

    Dishcloths are better because they can be easily reused by simply washing them. Sponges get chucked out once they are done.

  • SUsan says:

    1. Ocassions:
    *Christmas: I love eating cake during Christmas!
    *Graduation: Celebrate and eat lots of cake with all my friends

    2. Why a dishcloth vs sponge: I’d prefer using a dish cloth because you can easily wash it after a while. That way I can save money and conserve waste from buying a lot of sponges.

  • Alake says:

    1 because I knit my dishcloth myself
    2 Birthday party-celebration

  • hayes says:

    Cake is good during the winter – I make a mean flour-less torte and this server would be excellent to use. Dishcloths are much more environmentally friendly, safer in regards in to bacteria growth, and can be an integral part of the kitchen decor.

    Two great designs here…

  • roger rodriguez says:

    1. a gathering with my friends to show off and 2. a weekend just for me to raise up my spirit! hi hi

  • Alexi says:

    2 Occassions:
    – When a student pilot has just flown his/her first solo flight, we’d have cake.
    – Midnight snacks.. just cause my mom and I love cake.

    A dishcloth has a bigger wiping area than a piece of sponge.. meaning I can do more with it before I have to rinse it. Also, it absorbs less water so it doesn’t take much to wash or rinse it.

  • Mina says:

    1. When I make a new kind of cake, and want everyones approval, a good slice is judged by shape before taste.
    2. when I hear my wife is having a baby.

    Dishcloth because its less messy than sponge.

  • beni says:

    2 Occasions:
    – After a break up. Eating your blues away is never a good thing, but with the cake server, atleast you’re doing it with style.
    – After a promotion. Cutting the celabratory cake with the Magisso Cake Server really shows how far you’ve come.

    Dish Cloth vs. Sponge.

    -The dish cloth is reusable and has a longer life span, while a sponge gets old fast and towards the end of its usage period, it becomes an eye sore.

  • Matt says:

    Whenever visiting home there is always a cake to slice. Another occasion would be when someone in the family gets a new job.

    A dish cloth is more natural to the hand than a sponge; the dish cloth can form into any shape whilst cleaning to allow to fit into crevices or on uneven surfaces.

  • Joyce says:

    Asides from birthday and wedding anniversary, I would cut cake when I make a cake due to a hankering for it and when I make a cake for guests to show off the coolest cake server I’ve ever seen!

    I like to use a dishcloth because I can throw them into the washer and dryer for cleaning.

  • Te says:

    2 cake cutting occasions:
    – cutting my divorce cake
    – cutting a cake to reconnect and sit down with my family

    1 dish cloth occasion
    – to clean the cake cutter after having a great time with my family 🙂

  • Te says:

    oops my bad, why dish cloth is better than a sponge:
    because there’s no dishcloth squarepants!

  • Justin says:

    1. The second coming of the Pineapple Lord of All Things Blue
    2. Waking up in the morning, any morning! I mean, cake is awesome and you shouldn’t need a “special” occasion to have one of those delicious morsels of amazement.

    Dishcloths are better that sponges because sponges absorb EVERYTHING and when you think about that it is just gross, plus you can wash a dishcloth!

  • rashaad says:


    – I think I may have started a tradition of making my girlfriend a birthday and a half cake on christmas.

    – I love baking so… anytime’s good.


    Too many to name..

    -cleaner, longer lasting, more aestheticaly pleasing…

  • Gopi says:

    There is no need for occasions to cut a cake if you got a cool gadget to cut and serve with & cakes bring smiles to my kids faces every time.

    A dish cloth beats a sponge every time because a dish cloth is bacteria free once washed and dried and it is a green way to clean.

  • Jacob says:

    I’m a senior in college, so we make cakes:
    1) When someone finds something to do next year (gets a fellowship, gets a job, gets into grad school, etc.)
    2) when someone is rejected from something they want to do next year (doesn’t get a fellowship, doesn’t get a job, gets rejected from grad school, etc.)

    Dishcloths are better than sponges because a dishcloth doubles as an oven-mitt. This comes in handy when someone borrows the only two oven-mitts in your house for his Halloween costume and never returns them…

  • Miran says:

    1. Dinner parties. Nothing like a great dark chocolate cake served with fresh fruit and gelato!

    2. midnight snacks! dangerous but delicious!!

    I have dish clothes and no where to hang them!! i just drape it over the center…

  • Robbie Cooke says:

    My 2 reasons:

    1. I have weekly Magic Card tournaments and after each one we celebrate with a large chocolate cake decorated in proper theme… like so

    2. I am also planning on having a Disney Movie Marathon in a couple weeks and it would be perfect to cut my Mickey Cake… like so

    The one nice thing about a dishcloth is that you are able to wipe up the crumbs from my delicious cakes. Sponges don’t do such a great job.

  • Ernesto Olguin says:

    1. My wife makes new adventurous deserts every week and we would use the server to serve up their awesomeness!
    2. We could also take it to the homeless young persons shelter and brighten up their day with its awesomeness!

    3. I hate not having a place to hang the cloth because it always falls down and then gets gross all over it.

  • Eric says:

    Two reasons for cutting cake: Every year I survive at my job we have cake. There is an awesome bakery down the street that has been here since the dawn of time. Wonderful red velvet cake. The second reason…Just because. There is nothing wrong with eating delicious cake just because it sounds like a good idea. In fact, I’m going to have cake today because it sounds tasty.

    The most important reason why dishcloths are better than sponges is that sponges can be havens for bacteria unless you are one of the rare few who bleach their sponges after every use. A dish cloth can easily be replaced with another and washed. Plus they dry out fast when hung. Moisture is bacterias best friend.

  • hehe says:

    Why do I celebrate and make a cake? 1. Just because
    2. For winning the cake server
    I use the dishcloth because I’m afraid of SpongeBob

  • Tom says:

    Cutting cake:

    1. The best reason of all, when my wife makes me a German Chocolate cake for no special reason. YUM!!!
    2. Oh yeah… those other times when I buy her a triple layer double chocolate cake from the store. hey, I’m not as talented as her…

    Dishcloth vs Sponge:

    Dishcloths are easily washable and can be re-used over and over again. That and they look so much better than a nasty sponge hanging out on the side of the sink. YUCK!!!

  • Yoo says:

    *Graduation and Halloween (horror cakes)

    **I personally think that sponge is better for dish washing because it appears to form much more foam than a regular dish cloth, but for the sake of entering this giveaway: a dish cloth beats sponge because it is more versatile in ways of cleaning (such as tables, sink, and around the stove top, etc).

  • Kevin says:

    I sometimes eat cake just because I’m out and I pass a bakery. Not huge cakes. Just dessert for after dinner.

    It’s also a tradition here to treat coworkers to cake when your baby is 1 month old. So, we eat a lot of “baby cakes”.

    Dishcloths are better than sponges because you can’t whip your wife’s bum in the kitchen with a sponge. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work well at all.

  • mif991 says:

    1. High School Basketball Dinner party (flan & cake)
    2. Teen daughter bakes cakes for no reason other than enjoy them.

    Cloth covers more space and can get to crevices easier.

  • Griffin says:

    Reasons for using the cake server:
    1)My wife’s graduation this year with Cum Laude
    2)When we celebrate our first year wedding anniversary. (i know you said other than anniversaries, but it is our first year, so it is bigger than just a regular year)

    Reason to use a washcloth instead of a sponge:
    i really dont have anything different than what has been said.

  • april says:

    I love to bake cakes, so I have lots of occasions to choose from. Here are two favorites.
    1. Open Studio/Arts & Crafts Shows where my tiny family based design company sells it’s wares. (Homemade cake never hurts to get the customers looking!)
    2. Watch parties at my house for strange movies like Incubus, the only movie filmed entirely in Esperanto starring pre Star Trek William Shatner! I served a Basil Lime cake for that one.

    Dishcloths are approximately 123x more beautiful than sponges!

    Happy holidays!

  • Peggy Eng says:

    Reasons for using this great cake server:
    1)We celebrate International Day at my children’s school and what a great way to cut all that cake by using a Finnish cake server! The kids would love it.They could even cut the cake themselves.
    2)At work, we often reward ourselves with cake while working long hours. Having this cake server would make serving 20 people much faster and require less clean-up. More time to party and more time to work!
    DISHCLOTHS are great! They last much, much longer than sponge, don’t need to replace as often and more environmentally friendly. Dishcloths come in many colors and designs to complement any kitchen decor.

  • Nivekian says:

    I wonder if it would work for pizza…

  • Wanda Hughes says:

    I make a Red Velvet cake for Valentine’s day for my husband. It’s one time when I can give him something not bought. The other time I bake a special cake is the Fourth of July, for my family celebration. It’s always colorful and bright and the grandkids love it!

    I use a washing cloth rather than a sponge because they harbor less germs, they’re cleaner and so easy to wash a new one each day. Much better than the sponge that harbors many different bugs.

    I love the design of this cake cutter! It’s so elegant. And I love the rack for my cloth too, I usually hang it on the faucet to dry and this is so much better.

  • David says:

    Occasions for cake:
    – Any day that ends in ‘y’
    – Family gatherings

    – Better than a sponge because it doubles as an oven mitt!

  • Lydia says:

    cake cutting: any time one needs to eat cake during midterms/finals. celebrating the end of midterms/finals.

    dishcloth: my dishcloth has many more uses than a sponge! like pulling out fresh baked cake from the oven

  • David Fuller says:

    1. Dish Clothes. Around our house, dish clothes aren’t only for the dishes. once you get done with the dishes, they are still semi-clean, so you can wipe off the counters and clean off the sink. Plus, less germs are on a dish rag then a sponge because you can throw it in the washing machine.

    2. My family is close and we usually make dessert every time we have a meal, which sometimes feels like everyday. Therefore it would make our lives easier. By the way, my sister loves cake decorating. So christmas… gift…

  • Phyllis says:

    Reasons for cake…

    1. Cake for rainy days to make everyone smile
    2. Cake for weekend brunch
    3. Cake for pot luck affairs
    4. Cake for the new cute neighbor who just moved in
    5. Cake for the senior who lives alone
    6. Cake for the pool party next week
    7. Cake for tonight’s romantic dinner

    Why cloth instead of sponge…

    1. Sponges do not come in colors to match your decor
    2. Sponges do not match your pot holder or drying cloth
    3. Sponges retain bacteria
    4. Sponges cannot get into cracks and crevices
    5. Sponges do not last as long as cloths
    6. Sponges do not fit on the beautiful Magisso stainless steel kitchen cloth holder

  • clay h says:

    -cutting cake for a going away party or at Easter
    -cloth is better than a sponge cause when it gets bad, you can just wash it… sponges get pretty nasty

  • Maureen says:

    1. baby Shower
    2 retirement party

    using a cloth has more area and you can go along and use more of the surface instead of just one are where the cake or frosting will all goop up.

  • John says:

    Two other occasions are graduations and church potlucks; a dishcloth usually has a larger wiping surface than a sponge.

  • Terry says:

    The best occasion to have cake is for a special treat whenever one of kids visits with the grandkids. Another best occasion is when my wife and I want to have a special dessert on any given evening for no particular reason.

    Dishcloths clean much better than sponges do. And are much easier to clean afterwards.

  • roseann kang says:

    2 occasions when you would cut a cake: 1) when my next door neighbor drops by for a cup of tea and 2) when we are settling down to watch a late night dvd during the weekend.

    1 reason why using a dishcloth beats a sponge: they are easier to wash than sponges!

  • Tom says:

    When is a good time to cut cake:

    1. If I ever find the cake I was promised in Portal
    2. Any other moment in life… cake is awesome.

    Why would I use dish cloths over sponges?
    Sponges hold onto bacteria and I tend to clean dishcloths more often.

  • claudia says:

    1. Ocassions:
    Office Party
    because i luv cake and eat it 2 🙂

    2. Why a dishcloth vs sponge: I’d prefer using a dish cloth because i can throw it in the washer when it gets dirty – they sponge i have to throw in the trash – waste of hard earned $$

  • Marky says:

    1. Graduation
    2. Fairwell

    Dishcloth beats a sponge when you want to clean up cake crumbs…try twisting and turning a sponge and you will see the cloth is better.

  • Jenifer Ross says:

    1. National cake day November 26!
    2. Miss Lucy’s picnic every July in Webster NC!

    Sponges have lots of GERMS!

  • Jesse says:

    1. As a reward for having to get a vaccination
    2. To celebrate the end of term and the beginning of holidays

    A dishcloth gets so much drier than a sponge, and so much faster

  • Leyfer says:

    1.) We like to eat cake as a reward after getting a big project and receiving payment for it 😉

    2.) any time you have people over… they never say no to cake (who does)

    Why the dishcloth is better… A less bacteria accumulation that a sponge.

  • GC says:

    Two cake reasons:
    I’m a MASTER of Fine Arts! (i now need a big diploma shaped cake to chop up!)
    and because every day with friends is a day for cake!

    and i prefer dishtowels because textile design is so fun. a sponge is super boring when compared to the options of patterns on dishtowels.

  • jack says:

    Graduation and we eat cake after Sunday dinner.

    Cloth better than sponge because its you can wash it.


  • Vogie says:

    I want the cake cutter because it sets a standard: Cake cutting is all-to-often a sad combination of poor coordination, poor spacial recognition, and a bad concept of basic geometry… all of which usually ends up with wasted cake. This cake server eliminates ALL of those issues. Seeing this made me want to start making cheesecakes again. Another great use for it – giant cookies and any other hors d’oeuvres.

    I hate using sponges because they’re so dirty. Not only that, but Dishtowls can be used for oven mitts, pot holders, decorations, placemats… a good set of dishtowls will set you up for a long time. Sponges are one-trick ponies.

  • Ryan says:

    1. I baked a cake successfully.
    2. There is cake to be eaten.

    Sponges don’t last long and are a breeding ground for bacteria, while dishcloths are last much longer, can be washed and can be used in any situation!

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