Managing Medicines

I once asked an aged uncle of mine, how come he got by without taking any medicines in his life. He smirked and told me his secret; he had a bad memory so he simply kneaded all his pills into the roti and ate it! Ok, the joke may be silly but the situation is real, forgetting to take your pills on time is a common problem amongst many elderly people. Hence the Medicine Management System for the Elderly makes perfect sense, it makes them independent. The system is interactive and the electronic pill boxes are super neat!


  • Use touch screen as the interface of medicine query system to simplify process.
  • Scan the bar code to acquire the name and information of medicines.
  • Prompt the elders to take medicine regularly by voice and vibration.
  • Doctors can transmit the information of medical treatment to the electronic pill-box. Patients can read the information from their personal medicine system at home.
  • The electronic pill-box can save the essential information of personal health and medicine, and provide the information for emergency.
  • For Memory Aid , the electronic pill-box can connects to HIS to download the information of medical treatment.
  • For the best curative effect of medicine, the elders can carry the portable electronic pill-box and set the time for reminding to take medicine while going out.
  • For Medicine Safety, the elders can obtain information, notice, and time for the medicine by scanning bar code or QR code on the medicine bag.
  • For self-care at home, the host system includes the functions of reminding to take medicine and for querying medicine database to understand the medicine better.

Designers: Ying-Chien Lin, Yue-Hua Li & Wei-Yin Su
Supervisor: Hsien-Hui Tang

Medicine Management System for the Elderly by Ying-Chien Lin,  Yue-Hua Li,  Wei-Yin Su & Hsien-Hui Tang