Projection in Orbit!

You communist! You love projectors too. It’s been 52 years since the former USSR launched Sputnik. In celebration of the fabulous designtastic shape of the Sputnik, and due to the meaning of Sputnik: “traveling companion,” this entertainment companion is sure to get your eyeballs and mind straight into outer space – tout de suite! It’s a projector with a cuteness!

This design goes by the name “Mint Sputnik” and it’s just super cute as all heck. Not only does the projector look just like an alternate-reality Sputnik I, it’s got a little space center controller!

It’s got all your normal controls – on/off, next/previous, angle/focus/channel/volume, but then it’s got a quick clock switch, radio and music functions as well. Also a 1950’s feel. That display screen looking thing there is an actual display screen, info is shown in black and white on it, and it’s got the classic Cathode Ray Tube TV panel BULGE. On the control center’s backside there’s a USB port, SD card slot, and earphones jack. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee are all supported.

When not in use by parents, a child TV it will be.

When not in use by kids, a cat clock it will be.

When not in use by the cat, off it’ll be.

Designer: mintselect @ mintpass

Mint Sputnik by Jongchul Kim at Mintpass Co,. Ltd.