Keep Guessing!

Another round of guessing shall we?

Today’s hint is that this definitely won’t bite but it picks on YUMMY Stuff!

You know the rules…be honest and leave me a comment as to what you REALLY think this is; DON’T CHEAT…coz I TRUST you!

Why, this is the Does And Serve Pasta Cutlery! Kudos to those who got this right! This piece is made out of one piece of elastic plastic and has a double purpose: Serve the Pasta and Measure it from the back end.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pull the spaghetti out of the package, to almost half the length.
  • Place them between the handles as close to the corner as possible and press gently, allowing the pasta to spread across the ridges.
  • Release you grip a little and pull out the desired number of portions.
  • Each individual group represents a single person portion. Release the handle and let the rest of spaghetti slide back into the pack.
  • What makes the Pasta doser different from other of it’s kind is that the measuring process is done on the fly, without the need to separate portions by hand. This not only makes portioning easier by removing any guess work, but also saves time and prevents us from cooking too much food, that will inevitably go to waste.

Designer: Damjan Stanković




Does And Serve Pasta Cutlery by Damjan Stanković




  • tooma says:

    Sorry, but i think this is another nonsense concept.

    Does person who designs such an object really think of its functionality? This sounds ok on paper, but in real-life it would´nt work.

  • Eric says:

    It seem handy to me. Good idea.

  • Eric says:


  • Kevin says:

    I don’t get why you would have that thing on the end, coz everyone eats a different amount of food, i got given something with holes in it, which measures who much spaghetti a portion is, and it took me 2 fork twists to finish my spaghetti!
    i eat 3 times more than the amount the holes provided for each meal. it’s such a waste of resource

  • Arpita says:

    Well, as I couldn’t guess the size of the object from the first picture, I actually thought it was a bottle holder!! 😛

  • bottle rack
    or after clue chopsticks

  • tom says:

    i was gunning for a bottle holder too…

    then i thought i was being clever with a coak hook….

    but i wasnt!!!

    nice idea though – as for the volume of pasta, i think it works. think dieting or carb intake etc…perfect for monitoring for tubby tum! 🙂

  • nicolette says:

    haha i got the right answer!! thongs. 😀
    but i didnt know that it was for measuring spag.

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