Tripod, I’m your Father…

Why are photography kits so large? Because tripods are huge. The various modules and attachments for each component of the camera end up occupying double the space of the camera itself.

The Swiss knife analogy has been done to death, but it seems like the perfect description for the PicaPod. Small, and incredibly versatile, the pod will make you want to ditch all your professional gear, because they aren’t all-in-one.

With the PicaPod, you’ll run out of things to mount. This one bad-boy can and will allow you to mount everything in one place, so no matter, if you’ve got a GoPro, or a DSLR, or a 360° camera, or even just a point & shoot, you’re sorted.

The tripod comes with a standard mount that can take care of your video recording devices. However, it comes with a tri-rail schematic that can hold more than one device. You can hook your phone, microphone, battery pack, or anything else you can think of to the PicaPod. The PicaPod’s base makes a rather handy tripod but you can even unscrew it to mount it on a professional tripod… or even a grip. The PicaPod comes with a grip that makes your entire video setup hand-held. No matter how loaded with peripherals you are, the PicaPod adapts to bind all of them together in a package that’s easy to carry and manage. It’s so small, you won’t notice it. It’s so incredibly adaptive and functional, you’ll never leave home without it!

Ditch the separate tripod, gimbal, microphone mount. Get yourself a tripod, hand-held mount, microphone mount, and much more… ALL IN ONE!

Designer: Design Icon Studio

BUY IT HERE: $77.00