This smart-camera lets you peek in and check your fridge while you’re shopping for groceries

As a human who has, on multiple occasions, ended up buying milk from the supermarket only to find that there’s already milk in the fridge (Jerry Seinfeld even has an entire bit about this), I can attest that the Fridge Eye is just a simply brilliant product. Just imagine being able to peek into your fridge while you’re at the supermarket, so you know exactly what you need to stock up on… just the thought of it makes me dance a little. The Fridge Eye is, as its name suggests, a camera that helps you glance into your refrigerator from a remote location, to know if you’re running low on fruits, veggies, frozen pizza, or pudding cups because your sibling or annoying roommate keeps snacking on them. How it works is simple. The product retrofits onto any refrigerator to turn it into a smart one. Every time you close the fridge door, the Fridge Eye takes a snapshot of your fridge and sends it to your phone using your home Wi-Fi. While you’re at the grocery store, you can easily see the latest image of your fridge to keep a tab on what stuff you need to re-stock on. Neat, isn’t it?!

Designed by Munich-based company brezzl., the Fridge Eye is designed to work with any fridge, attaching to a wall on the fridge, or a cabinet on the fridge-door. The wireless device runs on batteries, and boasts of a battery life that spans years. The trick is in the way the Fridge Eye is programmed. It isn’t a camera that streams video footage on command, it just sends you a picture of your fridge’s interiors every time the door shuts. The Fridge Eye uses a temperature-sensor to identify when someone opens the fridge door (i.e., when the temperature suddenly drops), and it conveniently clicks a picture once said person has shut the fridge door. This clever process means the Fridge Eye really doesn’t run out of batteries for years… and on the off chance you open your fridge door a lot, the Fridge Eye can easily by charged via a Type-C charger. Setting it up is simple too. Just place the camera at a strategic location, giving it a clear view of the fridge’s interiors, and connect it to your home Wi-Fi. The Fridge-Eye is equipped with a wide-angle lens that can capture most of your fridge’s interiors… and get this, brezzl. is even working on image-recognition, so the camera can easily craft shopping lists for you, sending them to your Android and iOS smartphones so you can even re-stock your fridge from your bedroom or your living room.

The genius of the Fridge Eye is that it appeals to consumers as a product that helps them save time and money (by preventing duplicate purchases), but in reality, it also helps drastically reduce food wastage, because you now know exactly what and what not to purchase. Designed to fit onto any refrigerator, and last practically years without needing a recharge, the Fridge Eye is just a simply brilliant product that’s supported by an idea that’s sheer genius! Now if only the Fridge Eye reminded people to carry shopping bags as they step out to the supermarket!

Designers: Vladislav Svetashkov & Kirill Andushchenko

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $130 (39% off).

Fridge Eye – Turn Your Fridge Into a Smart Fridge

Save time and hundreds on your grocery bill by streamlining your trip to the grocery store by knowing exactly what you have and what you need.

Easy to Install & Connects to your Mobile in Seconds

1. Install the app and configure.

2. Attach the camera to your pantry or cabinet. Anywhere with a door that you store food is the perfect fit.

Know exactly what’s in your fridge.

3. Enjoy your new smart fridge.

Fridge Eye Captures the Perfect Shot

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $130 (39% off).