Yogis Are Now Hi-Tech

Imagine a yoga mat you unfurl from a metal tube that’s actually a stereo. It can take in memory cards or play content off an MP3 player. The real tech candy here is the mat which is made of an electronic paper screen. The idea is you can attend yoga classes from anywhere since streaming video plays right on the mat. You can even “conference” in friends so they can get in the group fun. It’s just a concept but the technologies do exist in some form now. However if this were ever to hit the market, I think some might find inappropriate uses for it other than yoga.

Designer: Hui-Zong Chen


  • Renat says:

    It’s very usefuul thing for muslims / if you add GPS / Muslims wiil fing right direction to the KAAba. Azan software remember pray time. Screen help for pray with words(like karaoke)

  • Greenwink says:

    I practice yoga. While I like the built in music concept, the mat itself looks slippery & uncomfortably thin. Also, long limbed people like me are constantly outstretching our mats on some poses. I don’t know if this would be a problem as it doesn’t say how long the mat is.

  • Mfok says:

    The problem with this is, a major part of yoga is meditation. Yoga mats are formed for function. Sure, music is a big part of it, but having such a complex and styled object will be distracting and counterproductive to the practice of yoga. Yoga mats are also generally made of incredibly soft, easily gripped material that can absorb a decent amount of moisture as you sweat on it. The “electronic paper screen” would be hard, slippery plastic and completely unsuitable for yoga. On top of all that, Yoga is generally considered a private practice and communicating with anyone but your instructor during Yoga is unthinkable.

    I understand your effort and attempt to mix the new with the old, but you have to be really careful not to clutter the object when you’re designing for something that is so psychological on certain levels.

  • Babuji says:

    This is simply ridiculous. Innovative, Yes!, but totally impractical for Yoga.

    Yoga is supposed to take one’s awareness AWAY from the outside and bring their awareness within them. It’ll be quite a distraction to have this for a mat.

    On the other hand, it can also be a true test for a yogi to not be distracted by his/her environment, and try to overcome this external influence.

    Nevertheless, think of what the true yogis of the past used to work with. They didn’t even have sticky mats, just simply used the ground, or some sort of straw mat.

    I wonder what will be next?

  • Will says:

    If not yoga it would still be useful for many other excesizes. Push ups, sit ups etc.

  • Samantha B says:

    If your yoga involves electronics, you’re doing it wrong.

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