What Pot is This?

So you’d like to relax in your bathroom. Seems pretty reasonable. Do you like flowers? That’s good, because that’s today’s solution to your relaxation problem, and it’s presented by 2-B-2 Architecture. Turn your bathroom into a lovely pottery barn with these bits of WC furniture – fine to see, fine to touch, fine to… use.

How do these lovely pots work differently from other bathrooms with flowers on them?

To empty the water in the toilet, you simply put a bit of pressure on the lid. Takes away a whole step, right? Same thing for the faucets – they turn on with a light tap. I imagine you’re used to washing your hands in sinks in malls and restaurants that use this energy-saving “timed” device – one touch, a bit of water, done. The bathtub – that is normal. As normal as a bathtub that looks like a flower pot with flowers on it can look.

In this set there’s a toilet bowl, a bidet, a sink, and a bathtub. Upon installation of these flowery items, extra flower decals are applied or painted into the bathroom area.

Designer: Andrey Bondarenko of 2-B-2 Architecture

Flowerpot by Andrey Bondarenko of 2-B-2 Architecture