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Noah’s Construction Remix

…like a tiny city, owing to the fact that you’re gonna need imports and exports, but look, it’s amazing! Total area: 41408 sq.m Building area: 13850 sq.m Author: 2-B-2 Architecture Architects: Dmitry Burnashov, Andrey Bondarenko Designer: 2-B-2 Architecture…

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Richard Serra Sculpture Redux

…eapolis, too. They do artwork. If this “Serra” project were made in Minneapolis, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made by one (the artists), and purchased by the other (the rich.) Happens all the time. ALL the time. Incidentally, Serra wasn’t conceived or built anywhere near Minneapolis. The 2-B-2 Architecture group is Russian. And these walls were built on Russian soil. Be sure to check out the rest of the work by 2-B-2 available here at Yank…

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What Pot is This?

…that’s today’s solution to your relaxation problem, and it’s presented by 2-B-2 Architecture. Turn your bathroom into a lovely pottery barn with these bits of WC furniture – fine to see, fine to touch, fine to… use. How do these lovely pots work differently from other bathrooms with flowers on them? To empty the water in the toilet, you simply put a bit of pressure on the lid. Takes away a whole step, right? Same thing for the faucets – they turn…

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Our Overhead Ally

Hello again 2-B-2 Architecture! If you read Yanko Design on the regular, you know that 2-B-2 has had more than a couple projects featured. Why? Because they’re friggin awesome. And what have we got here? More awesome. The project you’re about to experience shares the same name as the mythical creature whose main goal in life is to borrow three fiddy!* Yes, yes indeed, it is “Nessie,” our underwater ally! And she’s all lit up. *Name that reference…

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Bombs Away!

…for enjoyment of the trip. That’s what this is! From our friends in design 2-B-2 Architecture comes this modern marve; the “Bombardier Adventure,” a true adventure in passenger car for train mechanics. It’s got three decks, infinite niceness, and a lovely cool blue and green color scheme. Let’s get rollin! Inside this masterfully crafted passenger car for a train you will find all of the following: On deck 0, there are bedrooms for 24 passengers….

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Spacey Loo or Giant Smoking Pipe?

…Its name is Mrs. Hudson. Yes she has a name. The design was inspired by a modified water drop, whatever that means. I’m seeing more smoking pipe tho, but hey, it recently won a Russian bathroom design contest sponsored by Roca so it must be good. I just wonder who Mrs. Hudson is and if she knows a loo was named after her. Designer: 2-B-2 Architecture…

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