The ShowerShroom cleverly traps and hides those stray hairs that end up clogging your drain

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One of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2018 is back with a better, more versatile version of their classic. Meet the ShowerShroom, a product that’s close to my heart… and my scalp.

I enjoy 99% of the time I spend bathing. The 1% I absolutely hate is looking down at the shower drain to see an eclipse of my own hair around the circular drain. It slowly expands with each subsequent shower, until I’m faced with the incredibly icky task of pulling it off the drain to prevent it from clogging up. Back in 2018, Solyman Najimi conceived the TubShroom, a tiny spool-shaped product that retrofitted into bathtub drains with the sole purpose to trap hairs in a way that’s easy to periodically clean. Designed to be the TubShroom’s philosophical brother, ShowerShroom helps discreetly trap stray hairs that make their way into the shower’s drain.

What’s key about the ShowerShroom’s design is that it traps hair in a way that’s hidden from view. Building on the TubShroom’s unique hair-trapping design, the ShowerShroom actually obscures the trapped hairs from view, leaving your shower floor clean every single time. The hair gets trapped inside the ShowerShroom’s silicone spool, which can be taken out and cleaned with relative ease.

The ShowerShroom’s patent-pending design allows it to universally fit on most shower drains. Just take the original metal grill out and replace it with the ShowerShroom and that’s all the hardware work you’ll ever have to do. The ShowerShroom features a 304 Stainless Steel grill that’s mildew/mold resistant and rust-proof. The grille’s unique design comes with a cavity for the silicone Shroom, which fits perfectly inside it, trapping human as well as hair while allowing water through, so your showering experience isn’t impeded by looking down to see a clump of soapy wet hair. Instead, you’re greeted with a clean-looking shower stall every time, and if that isn’t worthy of a TIME Magazine Best Invention award, I’m not really sure what is.

Designer: Solyman Najimi

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ShowerShroom Ultra: A Revolution in Drain Protection

The ShowerShroom is an anti-clog drain protector hair strainer for shower stall and shower tub drains from the makers of the award-winning TubShroom.

The patent-pending ShowerShroom Ultra borrows from much of the same technology found in the original TubShroom. Ask yourself the following questions: How many strainers have I gone through in the past couple of years? How easy is it to clean my current strainer? Is my current strainer an eye sore? Does the water continue to back up every time I take a shower? How much do I dislike putting my hands on disgusting clumps of wet hair? The ShowerShroom Ultra addresses all these concerns.

Starting with the best materials out there to prevent rusting and to preserve durability, their stainless steel strainer is made to last the test of time and it looks elegant in any bathroom. The days of ugly and single-use strainers are gone. They tested compatibility with a vast number of bathroom shower stall and shower tub drains out there and the fit was terrific virtually every time out.

The team filled the strainer with loads of human and pet hair to test just how much it could handle and the results were impressive. No mater how full the strainer portion was, the water continued to flow through the metal and silicone cylindrical holes and the drain remained clog-free after months of use.

Say Goodbye To Clogged Drains

Easy to clean. Simply grab the center soft “Mushroom” part out of the main strainer body, then wipe off any accumulated hair with a paper towel…no mess, no fuss. Many strainers make it unnecessarily difficult to pull the hair off and the unsightly wet hair is often on display the entire time. Their calling card is ease of use.

They have engineered the ShowerShroom® Ultra to sit perfectly flat in your stand-up shower stall drain or bath tub drain, covering one edge to the other uniformly so that water faces no resistance in making its way down the drain, while all the hair gets snagged on the black strainer, out of sight. Showers and tubs have an indiscernible taper towards the drain opening so that gravity pulls water and hair where they need to go.

The Universal Shower Strainer

The vast majority of clogs occur in shower tub and shower stall drains. And the number one cause of clogged drains is long hair. The longer the hair and the more people or pets in the home, the higher the likelihood of clogs. Therefore the ShowerShroom Ultra has been optimized for both shower and bathtub drains.

The team has not only achieved their best flow rate testing to date, they have also ensured that even abnormally shorter or wider drains get great drainage results. As always, hair is caught out of sight and clean-up is a breeze. Now you can go longer (sometimes months instead of weeks) between cleanings. When the center cylinder is full of hair, just grab a paper towel or tissue paper and swipe that bundle of hair right off into the trash.

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