The TIC v2.0 compresses your entire bathroom cabinet into a compact travel bottle

It’s hard, when you look at something as simple and clever as the TIC Travel Bottle, to think of a perfect parallel product only because there isn’t really one. The TIC Travel Bottle comes from insight, and is a solution to a problem we’ve all faced. Rather than traveling with 5-10 miniature bottles with your shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, and your skincare regimen, the TIC travel bottle puts all of those pesky liquids into a singular, hard-case container with a rotating mechanism like the chamber of a revolver gun, to let you access all your bath and post-bath essentials. It’s like a Rolodex met your bathroom cabinet… not the best comparison, but that’s probably only because the TIC is such a unique little product.

The TIC Travel Bottle comes from a realization that those miniature shampoo and conditioner bottles you pick up at hotels are never safe in your suitcase. A little manhandling by airport staff and the bottles open up inside your bag, potentially ruining your clothes and your belongings. Why yes, you could wrap them in a plastic bag, but honestly how safe is that? The TIC Travel Bottle holds all those liquids inside separate containers that sit inside the bottle’s hard outer shell. Designed to be much more than an organizer, the TIC actually lets you easily access your toiletries too, with a pump mechanism that is as easy as pressing a lever to dispense your shampoo, conditioner, or body-wash. Perfect for using in the bath when your hands are wet and you can’t really see well enough to fiddle with bottle caps, TIC lets you access everything in one solid avatar. A rotating upper compartment holds essentials that can be dispensed via the pump, and a lower compartment for holding things like creams and ointments.

Designed in 2016 and perfected in 2019 with its version 2.0, the TIC Travel Bottles really simplify the ordeal of traveling with your toiletries. Available in Shower and Skin variants, the TIC come with multiple pre-labeled compartments that are easy to read, access, and refill. Each TIC comes with a small funnel that lets you conveniently fill shampoos, gels, conditioners, and serums into the pump-bottles, and the labels molded right into the bottle caps just makes life easier, both while packing and while using the TIC. To simplify things further, the containers come with markings too, to let you know when you’re running short on supplies and need to refill your bottles. Ultimately, the TIC Travel Bottle v2.0 just compresses your entire bathroom cabinet into a small, convenient, hard-shell container that remains protected inside your suitcase unlike most travel bottles… and is handy enough to compactly fit in with the rest of your luggage and use no matter where you’re traveling!

Designer: Ben Tsoi

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TIC Travel Bottles V2.0 – Goodbye Bulky. Smooth. Sleek. Stylish

TIC Travel Bottles V2.0 are an elegant, intuitive and simple solution to traveling with skin and shower products. Each bottle contains removable internal containers that form a user-friendly travel dispenser – just press for what you need. Lightweight, cylindrical and compact.

TIC Travel Bottles V2.0 are easy to fill, pack and use, which offer a clever solution for an age-old issue, no more bulky bags and fiddly containers!


Skin Bottle V2.0

– 9 Smart sections in total with 180ml
– 4 x labeled containers (20ml each) for Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Toner and Serum.
– 1 x labeled containers (40ml each) for spare.
– 4 x labeled decks (15ml each) for Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream, and an extra.
– Available in two color: Matte White and Matte Black.

Shower Bottle V2.0

– 3 Smart sections in total with 200ml
– 2 x labeled containers (50ml each) for Shampoo and conditioner.
– 1 x labeled containers (100ml each) for spare.
– Available in two color: Matte White and Matte Black.
– Perfect for workout bags or your locker at the gym.

– Additional containers set, available for chosen too, for your ease of personalizing TIC Travel Bottles V2.0 to suit your routines and requirements.
– Clear measurement markings enable you to refill easily when products are running low.

Every set of TIC Travel Bottles V2.0 comes with free refill and cleansing tools, making it easy to transfer your products into the containers, and then easy to wash the containers when you get home.

Safe and Durable

BPA-free and made with FDA-approved materials, TIC Travel Bottles V2.0 are lightweight but strong and durable. Both bottles have passed the drop and pressure tests to ensure they will not break, bend or leak in transit.

Support carry-on Luggage

As each container is 100ml or less, which support the baggage check and the airline rules for a carry-on luggage.

Click Here to Buy Now: $51 $60 (15% off). Hurry, pre-order discount ends August 31th, 2019.