Yipee It’s A Waterfall Sink

There are several things that I find unique about the Sink Plate Washbasin Unit and some that I find pretty disturbing. For instance, I simply love the waterfall style faucet that is elegantly fitted onto the top panel. From a distance the entire unit looks to be stylish and exudes glam. But….

Unfortunately I do see one major flaw: the sink plate is a steel grid, and if you accidentally drop your ring into the basin, it will easily slip through the grid. Retrieval of jewelry or other foreign objects could be a problem. Worse scenario would be objects lodging themselves in the grid. Oh, And I would never place a soap bar just like that….always with the soap dish!

What do you think, with a bit of modifications, will this live up to its glam style?

Designer: Maria Ovchinnikova

Roca Sink Plate Washbasin Unit Design by Maria Ovchinnikova