Yipee It’s A Waterfall Sink

There are several things that I find unique about the Sink Plate Washbasin Unit and some that I find pretty disturbing. For instance, I simply love the waterfall style faucet that is elegantly fitted onto the top panel. From a distance the entire unit looks to be stylish and exudes glam. But….

Unfortunately I do see one major flaw: the sink plate is a steel grid, and if you accidentally drop your ring into the basin, it will easily slip through the grid. Retrieval of jewelry or other foreign objects could be a problem. Worse scenario would be objects lodging themselves in the grid. Oh, And I would never place a soap bar just like that….always with the soap dish!

What do you think, with a bit of modifications, will this live up to its glam style?

Designer: Maria Ovchinnikova

Roca Sink Plate Washbasin Unit Design by Maria Ovchinnikova





  • JimEJr says:

    I LOVE the design. Extremely creative and unique.

    However, along with the potential of dropping items, such as rings, through the grid, I see two other issues:

    1) hair… it likes to cling to everything and could easily get tangled with the grid causing unsightly appearance and difficulty with…

    2) … cleaning… will be a challenge as the minerals in water, chemicals in soap and the dirt being washed off will cling to the grid… perhaps a nano tech-ish, teflon-like stain/dirt/grime prohibitor manufactured into the material would do the trick.

    • brack says:

      dito on the cleaning.

    • Armin says:

      A type of cloth covering the grill might be helpful (and pretty). You could then decant all the residue (though not quite sure how well that would work) and use it as a table when dry (some synthetic fibre which dries quickly ..)

  • lanvy says:

    great point JimE and I concur. Though, I think the folks that can afford such a sink only expect it get cleaned no matter how inconvenient to those who must do the cleaning.

  • Hunter says:

    make it in 4 sections like the lower cabinets so you can easily open it to retrieve stuff. In the basin there should be perforated holes along the low side to catch pretty much everything.

    I think this would function better if the holes were much smaller, like the size of normal holes on a drain, then no large solid waste gets stuck inside.

    also it needs a backdrop or the walls are going to rot out from splashing. otherwise really nice concept.

  • Name* Marty says:

    Smaller holes would just cause more splashing. The waterfalls are too close to the edge of the sink. I think water will end up on the floor. Very appealing sensually though.

  • Robert P says:

    Wow, this design is simply awesome

    Seems a bit over-the-top to have in your home but this thing would look incredible in a bar or nightclub

  • bernard low says:

    well if your ” waterfall” spread out so big, can i say that the water current is also reduced? and if you want to increase the water level then it would be a waste of water, because i dont think i got so much of long item to wash, like wat if i want to wash a small item like maybe a ring?

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  • redsails says:

    So how do you control the temperature?

  • mahao says:

    «The Plate is a concept of a bathroom/kitchen sink and a countertop (table surface) as one functional object. User can choose how to use the wide sink surface for any process that requires water. Top sink element stops any splashing because there is no horizontal surface so no water drops all over.The grid decor might vary from simple geometric ornament to any suitable for bathroom designs. The same decor can be widely use on a variety of bathroom accessories and furniture. Accessories that complement the sink will have elements on bottom side which fill in sink`s grid holes just as puzzle and make any accessories immovable (baby bathtubs, wash bowls, toothbrush holders, some kitchenware and etc.) User can use any bowl as traditional washbasin if he need it, water from bowl can be reuse. Top sink element will made in corian, ceramic, wood and the lower element in stainless steel. All Plate sinks are in custom sizes. Plate, as kitchen sink, on lower element will complement by a garbage disposal.»
    1. Steel grid. Top sink`s element (grid) made not in steel.
    2. Waterfall sink. Faucet, «waterfall»…and all that around sink is just an entourage.
    3. Holes and jewels. What if ring will fell in a standart washbasin isn`t it the same? And how often it happens? But if it happened you can easily lift the top element and get your things back, or you might wash small object over some bowl. Holes are not so big as it might seams. Someone`s (especially children`s) fingers will stuck in smaller holes, smaller holes are not good for kitchen sink, and some tecnical aspects wouldn`t let it too.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very nice, but hard to clean. Good job though!

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