Convertible-tastic Train

Let me ask you something. Have you been on a train before? Have you been on a mass transit train? Have you been on a mass transit train during rush hour? If you have, you know the difference. You KNOW what I’m talking about. It’s madness. Madness I tell you! There’s every kind of body, sight, and smell you can imagine. The only thing you wish you had more of is space… that’s what we’ve got here!

Welcome to the Suburban Train. One train that does not take time of day for an answer. This is the best way to convert. That’s what it’s aiming at.

As you can see below in the pics, this train car system allows for the conversion of seats for the masses. Folded down, they’re pretty much generally nice seats. Folded up, they’re half seats, good for leaning.

As always, one worries how well they’ll stand up to mass-use, especially in the urban part of the suburban ride. If it’s breakable, someone is gonna break it! Beyond that and graffiti (from an artist’s point of view, these folding chairs open a lot of space for opportunity), these are lovely!

Designer: Jun Yasumoto

Suburban Train mass transit car seating system by Jun Yasumoto