Organamessena Desketa

It’s called the “Organized Mess” desk, and it’s designed by Jun Yasumoto. It’s got you utterly covered, you messy college student you. Or you messy messy highschool student you. Or you fantastically overly amazing middle-school student. It’s got a back and a bunch of attachments. Whatever you need you attach or get off your desk, you just put it on the back. And that’s that!

Organization, organization, organization! Made for the home, only! With this series of steel trays, hooks, and panels. All that you see here. Made of oak wood, painted steel, and lamination.

Lamination for the laminated top.

Folded steel sheet piece in the back for maintained structural rigidity and a cable management system.

Designer: Jun Yasumoto

Organized Mess desk by Jun Yasumoto