Grilly Willy

Yes! This is a grill by one of the longest-winded design team names in the business, or at least that I’ve ever seen: Liebschaften Möbelgestaltung. They’ve made this lovely little grill and have titled it “Longgrill.” It’s the missing link between grill and fire bowl! One simple slider’s all it took, all it takes, all it will take when you’re out camping like a real trooper!

In response to those who wish to be free of their decision between a blaze and a glow, designers at Liebschaften Möbelgestaltung have conjured this magnificent amalgamation. Barbecue and start things on fire, all at the same time!

The top frame slides easily, as I’m sure you can see. The carrier is made of scaled steel, the grill is made of stainless steel, and the fire bowl sits upon three basalt stones.

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to justify to your significant other.

Designer: Liebschaften Möbelgestaltung

Longgrill Fire Bowl and Grill by Liebschaften Möbelgestaltung