This modular cat home is customized for your pet’s lifetime happiness

Browsing through Pinterest for your dream homes is so 2019, in 2020 we are browsing through pet homes and I am not ‘kitten’ when I say that cats certainly have cooler options than we ever will. They don’t pay rent and that is always going to be the coolest part but the pet homes are truly taking an artistic turn and I don’t mind having this modern cat home that is specifically customized for your feline friend’s happiness to last a lifetime! The design has been mindful of 3 elements – the space, the cat, and the person. Space is shared between the cat and the owner and this pet product works in the favor of that symbiotic relationship – all the cat’s needs are met and the owner’s interior space/style remains undisturbed.

The designer has imagined everything your pet needs to live their best life possible and included it in the details of this modular cat house. Every traditional shape and element has been reimagined to add a fresh perspective. The scratching board, for example, has been created to evoke an emotional response from the cat and make it a pleasant experience not bound by the stereotypical forms but still meeting the behavioral need to dig/scratch. Play around with the shape and structure, create something that works for you and your pet and if your pet gets bored easily, just switch up the arrangement and voila, a whole new apartment! The scratch pads can be set up in various different ways to increase the playing area while still being a practical element. “It is a balance between new and old. I have used our most common materials and structures in life to design new design styles, extend the life cycle of products, reduce product costs from another angle, and strengthen the relationship between brands and users by expanding product forms and functions,” says the designer.

It uses a familiar frame structure and it is flexible to the owner’s space and the cat’s demands – it also works for multiple cats! Sisal balls and corrugated paper complete the structure and encourage cats to behave as they would in their natural element, the choice of materials makes them more comfortable and the earthy tones bring a zen energy to the environment it is in. It integrates the human-cat-space elements into one pet product which is more entertaining, useful, and cost-effective because it serves multiple purposes. The cat house is adaptable and expandable to suit your flexible lifestyle. Add soft cushions, some toys, a litter box and you have a beautiful cat home with a minimal aesthetic that will fit your style and space!

Designer: He Yuhui

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