Just What I Need For My iPhone

For some odd reason, Apple has decided to keep the charging cord for the iPhone pretty short. When you compare it to the Nokia or Motorola chargers, the wire is a teeny-tiny tad! Not that long wires are a help, but either ways, you never are going to be happy with wire lengths! The solution lies in cool accessories like this MI-O Cell Phone Cradle. Keep the phone close enough to the socket and wrap the charger wire, neatly around the expandable wings! Happy Happy Wires!

How does it work?

  • Position device between electrical outlet and handset charger.
  • Insert charger cable into small opening on either side of platform to securely hold handset in place.
  • Coil charger cable around expandable wings on device base.

Designer: Cagnina Design [ Buy it Here – $4 on the Yanko Design Store ]

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htasCCyyPY0 468 344]

MI-O Cell Phone Cradle by Cagnina Design




The MI-O Cell Phone Cradle is available for $4 at the YD Store.