The designer in me is totally geeking out on these industrial-texture engagement rings!

What could be a bigger testament to your love for your partner and your creative profession than a nice, knurled piece of jewelry?

Cleverly capturing its aesthetic cues not from conventional jewelry, but from industrial textures that us industrial designers are all too familiar with, these fun, tongue-in-cheek, tactile engagement rings are perfect for designers who love what they do! Acting as a constant reminder of your loved one as well as an emotional connection to your profession, Igor Komov’s ring designs feature prominent, popular industrial textures found in most products. From bumps to grooves to ridges and even the famous diamond knurls, these rings come with a matte 3d-printed titanium exterior that’s absolutely inviting to the touch, with a window that exposes a gold inner ring along with an inscription of the memorable date. Absolutely delightful!

The Industrial Wedding Rings are a winner of the A’ Design GOLD Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Igor Komov