Music and Time On Your Wrist

We’ve evolved from Walkman to iPod (plus whatever else there is, let’s be honest) and from wrist watch to cellphone-held-clock. Now. What would have happened if instead of the clock merging with the cellphone, the clock merged with the music device? We’ve got wrist tunes, contact!

Let’s have a short (or long!) discussion here about the combination of things. As things stand, the most common place I find people hold their time is in their cellphone. On their portable phone! Imagine that. I couldn’t have say, 15 year ago. I wouldn’t have believed you. What if things had gone differently than they have – what if instead, time stayed on your wrist, and music went there too?

This concept is called “Tick Tack Music Watch,” and I’ve got to say it’s pretty cute. Like a bunny rabbit cute. Designer A.Tnokovski plans on marketing it to “teens” and I think he’d be right.

I’m thinking as soon as phone service becomes as “free” as internet service, we go ahead and build that in to Tick Tack 2, and we’ll be in business.

Designer: Apostol Tnokovski

Tick Tack Music Watch by Apostol Tnokovski