The Woofer Power of a BEAR

Behold, if you DARE, the Eco Woof; the sub-woofer that’s got the woofer power of a BEAR! But CHILL! There is no bear actually powering the “Eco-Woof,” only the power of glass domes. Where wood boxing would normally hold the raw beats exploded forth from the speakers, glass domes and downward facing blasters suffice. The wood grain is so very classy, wouldn’t you say? Oh, and there’s green in it, too!

From here it gets cryptic. As you may well know, many of the submissions and discoveries Yanko gets and makes are made by people who speak limited english. This is one of those times. So as an added attraction for this post, the details of the speakers are translated here in their original state:

extra from designer :
felt wooden, felt flexible, so i laced this 2.1 audio speaker system,
MOLD – FROM ECO FRIENDLY MARTERIAL : GANESHA (hollow not solid to preserve dome effect)

Wild, huh? Speakers made of our elephant deity friend Ganesha?

Tell me what you think!

*NOTE to the wise: I don’t believe the bear being reflected on the woofer is meant to be seen as a printed image, rather as a reflection of the power of the sound. So, that in mind, remember this year when you’re celebrating “Bear Week,” you need to celebrate with your very own Eco-Woof speaker system.

Designer: Andrew Mboyi

Eco Woof by Andrew Mboyi of Le Flair Creative




  • Confucius says:

    Eco woof? I would have called them chuzwazzers. They are very shiney.

  • Jon C. says:

    The renders look decent, but I would really like to see what is going on inside the boxes. I see some black lines, but I cant tell if that is the motor structure of the speaker.

    Also, if these are open air, good luck with any sort of sound quality. Even if the drivers were meant for infinite baffle, they dont have enough cone area to do much. Designers need to stop making enclosures based on looks alone. Start with the driver T/S parameters to develop an optimal size and use that as a constraint.

  • umar says:

    They are very shinny

  • druweezy says:

    hater!!!! lol

  • phi says:

    hmm i dont see eco and apperently no whoof!!

  • Gui Camejo says:

    agree with the comment above…. dont see eco neither woof!!! cant see the point of that bear either!

  • Gui Camejo says:

    agree with the comment above…. dont see eco neither woof!!! cant see the point of that bear either!

  • Kayani says:

    I think these look quite smart but they also look as if they would be at home in my Grandads Jaguar mounted on the walnut dash! Im not sure about the sound quality they would give out either, they dont seem to have the right dimensions.

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