Shower To-Go

Admit it or not, we’ve all had moments where we haven’t had the time or energy to bathe! This compact personal device aims to make cleaning up a cinch with interchangeable heads for body, face, and hair that disperse and almost instantly reabsorb a mixture of water and specialized detergents. No larger than an electric shaver, it’s perfect for traveling, camping, days-long outdoor music festivals, and more… freshen up any time or place!

Designer: Hamed Kohan


  • Miguel says:

    Masterful I love this I desire to buy one…

  • Michael Chappell says:

    Okay, a MUST have to be throw in the backpack at the last moment. But what is the price?

  • Gaddafi says:

    how about 0.5 clean water in a bottle ?

  • Corobian says:

    Nice! I would definitely buy this.

  • kolo says:

    What about idea, that instead a water, the bottle could be filled with the Hydrogen that connecting with the Oxygen from the air, give us a clean water, so we could get much more water from the same bottle?

  • Banana says:


    It sounds like you want it to store rocket fuel. Liquid hydrogen + Liquid oxygen = space shuttle fuel.

  • shahab says:

    Oh my god, very creative. i know hamed kohan, he is very Intelligent and also handsome. i saw his other designs. from here i want to say: ‘ you are honor for all iranian specially shirazi people in all around world ‘.

  • Pao-Lan says:

    So when is this coming out ? I know it’s just a design, but it would a dreamy product for a LARPer like me who spends a whole weekend in the woods, getting dirty and doesn’t have time to take a shower (and actually can’t take one during that time).

  • Interesting I love it …………..

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