Guessing Game Deuce

We have only this on YD once before, right now we’re gonna go ahead and play the GUESSING GAME again, RIGHT NOW!

Just by looking at this Pre-Picture can you guess what the item is?
The explanation is in the Permalink, but be honest with yourself and tell me what exactly did you think this was?

That’s right! It’s a complete kit for the detection of glucose in the blood. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that you thought it was a music device, or maybe a robot control gun. In fact, it’s sole purpose is to normalize the life of a person with diabetes.

It’s inexpensive, works without tearing the skin in a noticeable manner, and it’s really nice and normal to look at. The coolest element that simplifies the process the most is the needle disk: each one contains 50 needles, the process run semi-automatically. No more 20 minute checks for you!

Designer: Giulio Sbarigia






Glucogrip by Giulio Sbarigia