Guessing Game Deuce

We have only this on YD once before, right now we’re gonna go ahead and play the GUESSING GAME again, RIGHT NOW!

Just by looking at this Pre-Picture can you guess what the item is?
The explanation is in the Permalink, but be honest with yourself and tell me what exactly did you think this was?

That’s right! It’s a complete kit for the detection of glucose in the blood. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that you thought it was a music device, or maybe a robot control gun. In fact, it’s sole purpose is to normalize the life of a person with diabetes.

It’s inexpensive, works without tearing the skin in a noticeable manner, and it’s really nice and normal to look at. The coolest element that simplifies the process the most is the needle disk: each one contains 50 needles, the process run semi-automatically. No more 20 minute checks for you!

Designer: Giulio Sbarigia






Glucogrip by Giulio Sbarigia


  • Carl says:

    err is it useless, research free, mental masterbaton, a half baked idea, made all pretty by illegally downloaded software? (Where is Zippy?)

  • Cool design … I like the Interface

  • guy says:

    what rubbish, no one takes 20 mins to test blood suger now for starters all devics take about 5 secounds. the divice is just a slight redesgin of stuff which has been on the market for a long time. how about giving use a design of something which actually pushes the boundries?
    like a device which doesn’t use test strips at all as they cost the NHS in the UK more than the provision of insulin for diabetics!

    • makaveli says:

      then you have not understood anything! this object has been designed to further simplify the timing and gestures of glucose monitoring, incorporating more objects into one just to be essential and intuitive.
      Learn to read: no more 20 min but 5 sec!
      With regard the strips are also needed because there is a market by pharmaceutical companies will not escape even in the distant future and this is undeniable.

  • Mjx says:

    Damn. I guessed it was some sort alcohol-level detection device… in the smaller image, the 5.2 on the readout looked to me like the icon for a wine glass.

  • SomeGuy says:

    Blood sugar level meter.

  • A.C. says:

    Honestly I thought it was a location style device, as in, you are THIS far by THIS many degrees from the next shadylookingmaninasuit. Well, you did ask…

  • Klappstuhl says:

    I thought it was a stopwatch.

  • pea says:

    Blood Sugar or Blood Pressure meter…thought it was a phone at first (with the apple on it) but it’s not apple-ie designed.

  • umar says:

    It looks like stopwatch

  • Aurel says:


  • Ian Anderson says:

    Yeah, that is totally a tool for diabetics to check their blood sugar or insulin levels.

    The interface on the front is likely showing an apple to say “Dude! Eat some fruit before you go into shock!”

    The guy standing in the background is thinking to himself “Man, where can I find me a tech-savy diabetic to share my multi-million dollar salary?” Sadly, the device pictured above is so suave that the businessman probably won’t notice.

    Very slick.

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