Let your laptop make a style-statement


I just recently saw the HP Spectre laptop in person. It’s INCREDIBLY thin (thinner than my phone too), and packs quite a punch… but to be honest, I was wowed not by its vital stats. I’m a much bigger fan of the visual aesthetic it set. Black and Gold make for an extremely premium experience (Bruce Wayne would concur) which I feel HP should seriously embrace. Ascetic is a laptop that does that. However, it also goes a step further to marry great aesthetics with incredible functionality. Ascetic is for the flourishing businessman who wants to flaunt his laptop like he flaunts his Rolex. Designed to be carried without a case/sleeve/bag, the Ascetic has a fold-out handle that enables you to carry it around as you would a briefcase. Because laptop sleeves are so passé. Plus did you check out that typewriter style keyboard?! Someone calm my beating heart!

Designer: Andre Fangueiro