Horticultural Horlogerie


The Japanese have this ritual called Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing. With people being so attached to technology and urban life, there’s a very apparent lack of natural connect, and that tends to have its own set of adverse effects. The Japanese immerse themselves for certain periods of time in greenery, allowing their body to naturally detox, as they let the forest and its aura cleanse them both mentally and physically.

It’s no secret that no matter who you are or where you come from, looking at nature, for example a large pasture or forest, instantly calms you down. Even if you’re not in the pasture or forest, nature has its way of lowering stress, blood pressure, and even blood sugar (plus much more). It is with that sense of direction and purpose that the Botanist Watch was created, featuring actual pieces of plant and moss suspended in resin, giving your watch a one-of-a-kind appearance as elements of flora create a beautiful halo around a minimalist, unisex timepiece.

As a result of its construction, not only is the concept of preserving nature in a watch unique… but each and every single timepiece is unique too. Made by hand, each watch features real plants or moss, trapped in resin. Watch bodies are hand-crafted, with actual pieces of nature, making no two watches the exact same. Celebrating nature and individuality at the same time, the watch bodies come in 6 styles for you to choose from, featuring 5 varieties of flowers and a sixth reindeer moss variant. Inside this annular eclipse of nature and time lies the dial that comes with a minimal, radial brushed metal design comprising hour and minute hands, and a seconds sub-dial on the bottom. On the inside sits the Japanese Citizen Miyota 1L45 Quartz movement. The watches come with leather straps (vegan faux-leather is available too) featuring simple and natural hues that complement the natural bend of the watch, although we’d recommend going for white-strap-white-dial or a black-strap-black-dial combo to help highlight the ring of flora that makes the watch look so very remarkable.

Made by Analog, a company known to dabble with unusual materials in their watches (wood, ceramic, and marble to name a few), the Botanist ups the ante by capturing and showcasing nature as not just a material, but as a thing of aesthetics and therapeutic beauty into a natural yet unnaturally beautiful timepiece. Plus, throw a Sir David Attenborough-esque voice into the video and things couldn’t be more perfect!

Designers: Lorenzo Buffa & Analog Watch Co.

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Click here to Buy Now: $79.00 $160.00