Ten Classic Concept Watches On Yanko Design

Shame on me! I’ve been a die-hard Omega Constellation fan all this while and have never looked beyond it. This was till I discovered the treasure trove of watches, right here on Yanko! My mistake, coz I’m not a watches-fetish-kinda-person. I stumbled upon the treasure here, while hunting for something inspirational for my husband, and boy is he going to enjoy this post! Come recount with me some really AWESOME Concept Timepieces, as classy and classic as YD!

10) Elio – Linear Scale Watch by Pierre Haulot & William Boullier

Ten Classic Concept Watches On Yanko Design

Elio Linea is a very contemporary design that uses linear scale (like a computer downloading gauge) to tell the time.

9) eCO2 Watch by James Kershaw & Chad Garn


Portraying itself as a Carbon Dioxide Scrubber, the eCO2 is one of the green concepts that wants to look as stylish as ever! The sporty look hides vents to take in the bad bad CO2 and expels O2.

8 ) Timeflex – Stick On Watch by Igor Solovyov & Maria Solovyova


Totally fictional, but still an awesome deal, imagine a stick on disposable watch, the kinds that you slap onto the back of your palm during your Yoga classes and then discard! Brilliant idea but too farfetched!

7) Spinning Time Concept Watch by Glen Adkins


An oxymoron for a watch, the Spinning Time Concept doesn’t give you the time accurately. Instead the hours and the minutes get rounded off to nearest tenths. Cool for tardy people like me!

6) Swatch Air Tube Watch by Laurence Dawes


Sleek and living up to Swatch’s reputation of style, this Air Tube Watch concept is futuristic all the way. Based on air tube you find in most bicycle pumps, it juxtaposes two existing products in a contemporary fashion.

5) i/o Concept Watch For Women by Robin Lapo Bigio & Olivero Zanon


Retarding the notion that hi-tech watches are for men, this awesome looking i/o Concept is an uber-cool fashion accessory for us ladies. Bangle, bracelet watch!

4) Nixon Watch by Lysandre Follet


Can’t hang up the games? No worries when you have concepts like the Nixon to incorporate quick games of Tetris and Pong Forever.

3) F1/Carbon GMT by John Pszeniczny


Priceless Gem! Inspired by the F1 race car world and constructed of carbon fiber, Swarovski crystal, rubber and metal, this timepiece has 18 identical rubies and tells the time in everyone of the 18 cities on the 2008 F1 circuit. With a built in lap timer function and a stopwatch, time will seem to stand still as it races by at relative speed…which is 42.

2) M60M Watch by Roger Kellenberger


A watch with no face! Amusing and very interesting! M60M features rotating disc instead of traditional hands to show the time.

1) Luna Watch by John Pszeniczny


Another gem by John Pszeniczny, this crystal, stainless steel and Spessartite Garnet creation re-defines classy looks in watches. To tell time, just touch the two contact points and time seems to magically float inside the crystal.