My Very Own Washing Drum

Easy Living Washing Machine was one of the French submissions at this year’s James Dyson Awards. The concept offers a solution for those seeking to do their laundry individually. Meaning, they don’t want to wait for the rest of the folks in their home to dump in their smellies! The system comprises of a single wall unit with framework to hook up the individual pods. It uses steam as a medium for cleaning and can wash small quantities at a time.

A space saving concept, the Easy Living wall unit can latch on 3 or max 4 tubs at a time. Since the quantity of clothes is less the cycle also runs for a shorter duration. My only worry is stubborn stains and their effective cleaning by steam. Because space, size, water and eco-friendly-dynamics can be squabbled over later, it’s just the question about a greasy stain!

Designer: David Genin


Easy Living Washing Machine by David Genin