Just a Fraction of a Table

I love clever little thangs. This is definitely a clever little thang if I do say so myself. From the fabulous mind of industrial designer Josh Tuminella comes this table by the name of “Square Root.” I bet you can tell why. It’s made out of less than 10 individual pieces and one of them is “biscuits.” Be there!

The pieces are as follows: walnut, aluminum, biscuits, glue, and 4 screws. It’s designed to be repaired easily in the case of a wild house cat or a serial murderer rampaging through your house and it “absorbs dings and nicks to display the personality and identity of the user.”

I think that last sentence is code for: gets scratches like every other table, but that’s definitely o.k. And it is! Beaten up tables, man, people pay a lot of money for that look!

Designer: Josh Tuminella


Square Root Table by Josh Tuminella