Office Chairs for interior-design-loving introverts!

The Shhh chair collection takes me straight back to my days in the school library – that is where the sound shhh was most frequented in my childhood! Keeping in my mind the quietness it implies, designer Alena Prokhorova created this series of chairs that helps you find some silence in an office space.

The chair comes with 2 varying heights, the sides of the chair acting as dividers that keep the sounds out. The body/panels that surround the users use noise-absorbing panels to create a hush around you. Depending on your needs, you can choose a chair with higher panels to completely cut you off the world share or ones with elbow-level rests to keep you focused and engaged with those around you.

Given the muted beige and brown color condition, this chair is sure to find a place in any office space, giving you a chance to retreat and think before acting. In the post-pandemic normal where crowds scare us, this chair is our cocoon.

Designer: Alena Prokhorova