Firefly Madness!

This guy, the guy who designed this lamp “Random Orbit,” he’s got a great signature. You should definitely check it out. In fact, it’s in one of the images in this post. See if you can find it! The lamp in the post is just splendid too. A 32inch ball of firefly inspired lights flying in, out, around, and through. Just like knitting! They’ll be made in a buncha sizes!

So the center aluminum sphere is 2″ in diameter. The 21 rigid loop end (RLX) bulbs (the fireflies) are 12V/10W, high efficiency and long life they are. They’re attached to a bunch of spring tembered phosphor bronze loops.

And if/when they go into production, each one is going to be made by hand, sculpted meticulously to replicate the hand of reality. It comes with a dimmer and oh my goodness, each lamp provides 210 Watts of 360 ambient light. Ampin’ it on up.

I need more light. Firefly light.

Designer: Christopher Moulder

Random Orbit lamp by Christopher Moulder


Random Orbit lamp by Christopher Moulder