Do You Hang Dry? Save Those Water Droplets

Here’s a solution to a problem I didn’t even know existed. It’s not uncommon to see lines of clothes strung up over balconies even in the most densely populated areas. It presents a problem for anyone who lives on the lower levels because their balcony becomes an instant pool from all the water dripping from clothes hung above. The D-CATCHER not only keeps garments stretched for even drying, but also collects all the water inside a tube for reclamation.

I like the idea but the thought of having every single garment equipped with a D-CATCHER sounds expensive. As someone who already complains when doing automated laundry, the D-CATCHER would drive my nerves up the wall. Too much work just to collect water. Wouldn’t it be easier to just put buckets underneath all your drying clothes?

Designer: Tian Lingrui

D-catcher Clothes Drier by Tian Lingrui




  • Eleonora says:

    Good idea! useful and funtional.

  • karl says:

    being someone who hangs there clothes on the balcony i would say that 99.9% of the water is evaporated. The clothes certainly don’t come out of the machine dripping wet, This is stupid.

  • katt says:

    In many Asian countries, washing clothes by hands is still the main way in summer. At the same time, most of the people dry their clothes by hanging up them in balcony or in the open air instead of dry machine.
    A problem rised when they hang up the wet clothes: the water in the clothes can not be totally out. the water in the clothes will drop off. It’s not good for the floor in the balcony or some no water proof surface in houses. And sometimes it even affects the life of the people.
    it is an environmental and cheap way for solving this problem i think.

  • yamada says:

    maybe it can prevent the clothes shrink.

  • lastin says:

    In many Asian countries,most of the people dry their clothes by hanging up them in balcony or in the open air instead of dry machine.
    What a an environmental and cheap way for solving the drop problem.

  • lastin says:

    nice idea for many Asian countries.

  • Nick says:

    In what way would you recycle this water? on your plants/garden? Hang the clothes over the garden?!!? Not create a useless product!

    I would tend to agree with Karl – clothes simply dont drip after washing for the majority of people (using machines)

    • igendesign says:

      I absolutely agree with nick and karl. It’s useless, and another unnecessary ‘green’ gadget.

      I think designers should learn a lot about eco-design before creating something (i wish they would at least create, but they just talking and rendering)

      design only _ONE_ usefull item, then look for an investor!

  • nikita says:

    I like this design because many people Asian countries donnot use dry machine often,and this design could help someone who are not is just a idea,maybe it can`t solve the problem very well,but it could give us a flesh way,You should know that the high-tech machines are not awalys useful.

  • Nick says:

    @ nikita
    And how much is this injection-moulded, packaged piece of tat going to cost?!

    Seriously, if a few drops of ‘grey water’ are really that precious, pee in a bottle or something.

    “maybe it can`t solve the problem very well” – i didn’t know that it was a problem. Here’s me concerned about over-fishing, the atmosphere, fossil fuels and war!

    Besides – if people wring-out their clothes there would still be no drips. The better idea would be to catch the evaporated water – if indeed this is such an issue – which i doubt.

  • Nick says:

    better still… turn off your PC before you think about rendering something like this – save the eletricity.

  • Def says:

    Is a great idea!

    The soap within the clothes should already be washed out, so the water can be re-used.

    Especially usefull for lingery which cannot be washed within machines.

  • Brenton says:

    Whoever thinks this is a great idea should think about the people that hang their clothes. Why aren’t they using dryers? To save money. What is this device? a WASTE of money, time and design.

  • nikita says:

    stop this pointless quarrel.^o^

  • nikita says:

    Recycling the water is not the main points in this design,it just want to solve the dropping problem,some girls is weak to wring-out their clothes and many boys is lazy to do that after washing the T-shirts,so i think it is useful!

    • igendesign says:

      one of design’s main goals is to change people. if i’m lazy to wring out (a dry) t-sirt i will be lazy to use this also.

      i’ve never met this ‘dropping problem’ anyway.

  • rey says:

    This design is in dispute,it shows a highlight~

  • slisa says:

    smart idea!!!

  • samuelll says:

    every clothes we wash needs one?because we wash several clothes at one time..

  • interaction says:

    wear is grow longer..

  • anonymous says:

    dumb idea who in the world would take the time to attach these to the bottom of their washing. what a time waster

  • Carl says:

    rubbish concept, most washers use a spin cycle to push off excess water off the clothes. not sure in developing countries if this would be wanted?

  • Eric says:

    It’s a made up problem, dripping water on a balcony? Does everyone always run for cover when it rains a little? I think what people need to do is to make a product (just one) go out in the field and test it with a real user. Post the pics and what they chose to do with the “saved” water. Then I will be convinced (well more so) of an actual need for this.

  • Ed says:

    This seems to be a design for designs sake. No real world application which would merit it’s use. The only time I’ve pulled a dripping wet item of clothing from my washing machine is when the spin cycle didn’t work. This is a good design but a totally useless product, even for ‘asian countries’ how many would actually sell even if it had a price of 1c? At the moment the spin cycle and the wind do a perfectly good job of drying clothes in my opinion.

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  • Helprace says:

    It’s only a good idea if it’s low cost and accessible as most people leaving in less prosperous countries (the majority of who hang dry on balconies) wouldn’t be bothered to do something like this. Also take balcony design into account. most balconies are stacked right above each other

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