Surreal Food Is Real And Printed

Electrolux Moléculaire is this 3D molecular food printer that relies on the expirimental molecular cooking technology. This tech has been around for a while; but too futuristic for mass usage presently. As a part of the finalist eight in the Electrolux Design Lab Challenge, Moléculaire predicts a revolution in cooking styles in the future, without taking any shortcuts or compromising on the quality of gourmet food. A style that will appeal to both chefs and newbies.

How Moléculaire Works:

It’s based on a layer-by-layer printing technique that arranges small particles from a set of ingredients. Within minutes, it prints out three-dimensional desserts, complex structures, shapes for molecular dishes, and patterns for decorating a meal. In addition, it’s easy to use. You simply insert a blister pack into the reservoir, place Moléculaire on top of a plate, and press the start button. Users can also create their own recipes with special software and their own ingredients. Ambitious users can download recipes and share them with other users in an online community. Moléculaire is a futuristic kitchen appliance that offers several new possibilities to professional chefs as well as home users. It uses polycarbonate as the main material, with plans on applying this material in three different variations, each providing the right characteristics for the different parts of the design. Transparent polycarbonate can be used for the window, black tinted for the lid/display, and white for the body. The robotic printer arm and head could be made from aluminum. A blue (O)LED backlight accentuates the processes inside the printer.

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Designer: Nico Kläber

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Electrolux Moléculaire 3D Molecular Food Printer by Nico Kläber