Talking Dumbbell, No I’m Not Crazy

My trainer would go ape nuts for this concept. The Mint Dumbbell speaks. Workout programs can be personalized as a trainer walks you thru every rep. It even has sensors to smack warn you when you’re not in form. Working out with a set of dumbbells? These guys wirelessly communicate to keep you going. When all is said and done, the charging station charges/syncs and tattles sends all that data to your trainer. I imagine mine would just laugh uncontrollable at my feeble attempts.

Designers: mintselect @ mintpass for Mintpass





Talking Dumbbell by Mintpass


  • Nicht! says:

    Why does it need wireless communication if it has a docking cradle that will transfer data while charging? Or vice versa and etc…

  • Jason says:

    The users hands will cover the information screen as well as the speaker output, unless sound travels out through ends of dumbbell…….. Also might depress function buttons on handle. Looks fun keep working!

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