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Finally, a counter-worthy kitchen scale! The unique design is as simple as it is elegant, and utilizes the flexibility of its curved metal support to accurately display weights up to 250 grams, all without the need for electricity or batteries! Way better looking than those mini digital scales!

Designer: Nadav Caspi


  • gael ellis says:

    truly wonderful design, though i have one question. When the weight of the food goes to 250 gms, wont the food fall out due to the angle? I may be wrong, but if it proves to be a problem, the bowl is all you need to change, perhaps make the lip of the bowl parallel to the counter when at 250 gms.

  • Craig says:

    Nice design but would prove very inaccurate once metal fatigue starts. The flexability of the metal will change and there is no way to calibrate the scale.

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