Knocking On My Vase

This is so clever I am giggling inside. This concept came across my desk ages ago but it is only now that I am getting to it. I apologize to the designer because it is as brilliant then as it is now. The SEVRES VASE CLOCK is pretty self explanatory. An adjustable hammer gently knocks on any vase you place on the stand on the hour, every hour. Different vases produce different sounds so potentially every home’s clock looks and sounds different just from one device.

It sounds overly simplistic to qualify as a “design” but I love what the designer is working with here; porcelain and a hammer – two things you normally would never put together. That juxtaposition manifesting itself into a product is always something refreshing. Now for the evil part. There are a couple of very old Vietnamese and Chinese vases my mom has stashed in her home. I wonder how those will sound against the thump of a hammer.

Designer: Georgios Maridakis

Sevres Vase Clock by Georgios Maridakis