Not Just a Chair, My Friends

Oh no! This is not just a chair. It’s “My Bedside Chair” -for your derrier. But not just for your derrier. Nay! Tis also for a bit of the old storage. What you put in there is your book and your pencil. It’s got some nice features, too! Like for example it’s made of solid ash wood and leather. What more could you want of a chair than wood?

Check it out. This particular chair was made to be used as “both a temporary and permanent substitute for a bedside table.” Ho wow! So now you’ve got a place to set your glass of water, plugged in cellphone, nightlight, and bottle of whiskey!

Oh you don’t have all those things – oh you’re not that old – well then you can keep the whiskey in the drawer!

That’s it! Case closed. Perfect chair.

Designer: Lewis Taylor


My Bedside Chair by Lewis Taylor