Da Balloon Light

Tis a variable volume lamp, the variable volume lamp you’ve always wanted! Aïssa Logerot inflates the lighting business with this thing called the “Lampad’air.” It’s an inflating lamp on a tiny tube with an inflating device attached. The light is intense. When the lamp inflates, the triangles move away from one another. When the triangles move apart, the light that can escape from the lamp increases! Wacky.

What’s really wacky is the fact that this balloon lamp does not float… unless you modify the air pump to include helium. Another OFFICIAL thing I should mention, (ie this is really real,) is that the air pump includes a program that allows the lamp autonomous fluctuation of its volume.

Oh my goodness.

That will go very well for that lady there, who is very obviously drinking absinthe. Very very thick and non-watered down in the least… absinthe.

This particular model was realized with Matthew Marino, who is definitely the dude to see if you want to roll with new interactive designers in Paris.

Designer: Aïssa+Logerot

Lampad’air Inflating Lamp by Aïssa Logerot