Stare into the ocean’s abyss through a coffee table

What is it that famous quote from Nietzsche says? “…when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” When you’re drinking coffee or reading a book and you gaze at the table in front of you, you’re probably not thinking of abysses gazing back into you. But what if you could have a coffee table worth gazing into that might even cause you to lose focus on whatever it is you’re actually doing? I probably will not have museum piece like tables at my house but this is definitely worth looking at.

Designer: Duffy London

The newest addition to the Abyss Horizon collection is a coffee table that tricks you into thinking you’re going down an aquatic rabbit hole and that it’s somehow free floating on your floor. The table has a deep turquoise blue color that plays around with lines, colors, and shapes, and together with the natural Birchwood coloration and the sculpted blue glass, it gives you a three-dimensional look into the depths of the ocean sinkhole. I could probably spend a few minutes looking into this sort of abyss.

The coffee table also has three curved legs to support the surface while its contoured base looks like it’s actually diving down deep into your floor. The clean edges of the table also enhance your view of the aquatic abyss and let you focus on the sinkhole at the center. Think of it as looking at all the different ways we see the colors of the ocean become different at the various depths of the water. But this time, it’s right in front of you at your table.

If you’re thinking of getting this table for your gazing pleasure (and to use as a table as well), you probably have to move now since this is a limited edition product. There will only be 25 handmade pieces that you need to order from their London studios. You can choose from two different sizes (120×40 cm and 140×40 cm) and choose between two materials: Birchwood and glass or White Carrara marble and glass. I guess I’m stuck with my boring, old coffee table for now.