Desks with the Clampdown

So you’re at the library, you’ve got all your stuff spread out, and bam! You’ve gotta potty. You need to use the bathroom but you can’t leave all your stuff there! You’ve got like 16 mp3 machines and 4 laptops and 8 bars of gold! What do you do! You have to gather it all up and put it back in your rucksack and by the time that’s happened, you don’t have to potty anymore! Just say no! No more of this! We need desks that lock down! Choi Minaa has the solution to that!

What this system does is to guarantee your gold bars and laptops are safe while you’re in the bathroom. You just gotta lock it down! This is called the “Desk Guard” library desk system and it works with your RFID (Radio-frequency identification) card. This is basically your library card or your student ID card, they’re all RFID now more often than not. So. Step by step:

You look for a desk that is clamped shut and empty.

Scan your RFID card, it opens. You use it.

For a potty break, scan your RFID again. Desk clamps shut.

Your stuff is safe!

Come back after the bathroom and scan RFID card to open up.

Clamp shut after you’re done!

Designer: Choi Minaa

Desk Guard Library Desk System by Choi Minaa