More Than Words

Is your phone a camera or the camera your digital player as well? Confused? You ought to be! As newer generations in gadgets and devices come out, the clear demarcation of their lineage gets blurry for the sake of multi-functionality. In the name of salvaging individual identity, mintselect @ mintpass has designed a range of devices in the typographical form of their function. Called the “Used as Read” series, the stackable lineup includes a speaker, a remote control, a woofer, a music player and amp, a radio and a lamp.

Designer: mintselect @ mintpass




Used as Read Media Devices by mintselect @ mintpass


Used as Read Media Devices by mintselect @ mintpass 2


  • FLX says:

    Ok first of all, we had that exact same RADIO at home back in the 80s… That said, you know that devices that play music loud need some sort of speakers? And a woofer with that volume and shape would sound like a sheeps fart.

    The remote is a nice touch though.

  • dr claw says:

    extruded text rendered with default materials. dont really see how it functions. even as a concept the design falls a little flat. really the only beauty i see in this project are the hanging cords. i almost what the cords to be the project. the composite images are nice.

  • AlienzExist says:

    Stop it, stop it right now. My brain hurts. This is only design in the sense that anything can be art. These are not products or ideas for products. I cant even begin… Someone learned how to extrude text and went on a binge. What atrocities they would be if they were actually produced. Who wants a brick remote or a WLAN box on their desk. Ouch, my poor brain.

  • Busted Keys says:

    ha! this reminds me of chinese pictographs and egyptian hieroglyphics, but as actual functioning devices…cool stuff!

  • Esmond says:


    I agree, now will you excuse me. DOCTOR!!!

  • Ancient_Wrath says:

    Mmmh… too much flaming on this one.

    Speakers and Woofer need some tuning, and perhaps Radio needs some sort of control panel, but I like the overall idea.

    The remote is fantastic! 🙂

  • Jimmy C says:

    @AlienzExist: Go take an aspirin and a dose of reality.

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