A Very Relaxed Radio

You will never find a more chilled out radio than this. “Radio Valerie.” No buttons, no switches. At least none that are immediately apparent. Reveal to yourself the simplicity. To tune the radio, pull the antenna back and forth along the station markers. The speaker face turns the radio on, the speaker face turns it off, and the speaker face controls the volume. And of course the antenna increases the signal reception. Super chill.

I wonder, should I have such a device in my possession, were I to listen to metal music, would the radio move itself into a more metal position? Perhaps with the adult contemporary… a swaying relaxation?

Any way you tease it, this radio has personality.

Designer: Radio Valerie

Radio Valerie by Valentin Vodev 01

Radio Valerie by Valentin Vodev 02

Radio Valerie by Valentin Vodev 03

Radio Valerie by Valentin Vodev 04